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Seminar on Safety Education for International Students
2018-05-08 22:36  

Seminar on Safety Education for International Students

A seminar on safety education for international students was jointly hosted by the International Education College and Security Department in the Auditorium Hall in the afternoon of April 9th,2018 in order to strengthen the safety management of international students,whichwould help our students to complete their studies in China safely and smoothly, and make a better integration into campus life.The principle of the security department made a presentation entitled "My Safety, I am the Master", and 1017 international students from 20 countries attended the lecture.

What was presented at first in the seminar was the importance of public safety in the universities, and some explanations on safety items such as fire, theft, fraud, and car accidents.It was emphasized that international students should be vigilant against illegal preaching and conscientiously study and abide by Chinese laws and regulations and school rules.

The students signed on the promotional banner of “Electricity Safety, start from me.”

After the seminar, Mesam, a Pakistani student from 2016 batch, said Such kind of safety education preach is very necessary for our international students, not only to strengthen the safety awareness, but also to help us cope with emergencies and strengthen safety and security from the specific aspects of life. The two brothers from Namibia from 2017 batch students, Sardon Vries and Terrence Vries, said they originally planned to buy electric blankets for heating in the winter. After listening to the lecture, they immediately canceled the idea.

The students of our college all expressed keep away from the abuse of electricity after the seminar.

With the development of internationalization in our school,more and more international students come to study here. In order to facilitate the living and study condition,our school has taken many measures to help  international students  improve the awareness of self-prevention and the ability of self-rescue. A “Safety Knowledge Handbook” was handed after the entrance of every student of IEC which covers the basic knowledge of personal safety, property safety, electricity safety, traffic safety, public place safety and fire, earthquake escape, etc. The Electricity Safety Commitment”was signed to inform the students of the common electricity safety. The "National Education Class" offers every week for foreign students to help international students understand China's national conditions and Chinese laws and regulations. In addition, a student volunteer service team was established among international students to help solve the difficulties encountered in their study and life, and to resolve various safety hazards in time.

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