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Rules to be followed by foreign Students
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1.Ten General Rules to be followed byforeign Students 留学生守则

2.Jiangxi University of TCM Foreign Student Academic PerformanceRegulations  江西中医药大学留学生学籍管理规定

Section 1   Enrollment and fees payment   入学与注册

Section 2  Duration of Program   学习年限

Section 3  Assessment and Academic Record      考核与成绩记载

Section 4  Promotion to a higher grade      and Repetition of an academic year’s work 升级与留级

Section 6: Change of Major and Transfer to Other Higher Institutions       转专业与转学

Section 7: Suspension and Resuming of Schooling      休学与复学

Section 8: Drop Out of School退

Section 9: Graduation, Completion of the Curriculum and Completionof the Courses毕业、结业与肄业

Section 10  Campus Order and Extracurricular Activities  校园秩序与课外活动

Section 11  Annex  

3.Dormitory Rules and Regulations for Foreign Students and Studentsfrom Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Attending Jiangxi University of TraditionalChinese Medicine  江西中医药大学留学生及台、港、澳学生宿舍管理规定

4.Disciplinary Actions and Sanctions for Foreign Students AttendingJXUTCM 江西中医药大学留学生违纪处分暂行规定

Management of theCertificates for Foreign Students  留学生有关证件的管理规定

5.Procedures for Visitors to Students for the International EducationCollege of Jiangxi Chinese Medical University 江西中医药大学国际教育学院留学生会客制度

Ten General Rules to be followed by foreignStudents


1.   Students must observe the relevantpolicies and decrees formulated by the Chinese government.


2.   Students mustobserve the regulations established by the authorities of the University.


3.    Students must respect the facultyand staff members of the University.


4.   Students muststudy hard to complete all the necessary courses in their field of study at theuniversity.


5.   Students mustshow respect towards their classmates, and maintain solidarity and be in accordwith other students.


6.   Students must participatein regular exercise programs and maintain an acceptable level of personalhygiene.


7.   Students must appreciateand protect University property, and in this manner maintain the community.


8.    Students must respect the habitsand customs of different countries.


9.   Students mustmaintain and strengthen the friendship that develops with interactions ofpeople from different countries.


10.Students must respectthe dignity and autonomy of others in regards to their ethnic origins andnational sovereignty, and never do anything to impair the dignity of another’spersonality or country.


Jiangxi University of TCM Foreign Student

AcademicPerformance Regulations


Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(referred as the University

hereafter) has drawn up these regulations for foreignstudents on the basis of the

Regulations for the Administration of the Students ofGeneral Higher Institutions

Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Section 1   Enrollmentand fees payment


1. New student admitted bythe university should bring the Admission Notice, the completed VisaApplication for study in China as well as other relevant documents and come to ForeignStudents Administration to register before the deadline as specified in theAdmission Notice. If, for certain reason, the student cannot register on time, He/shemust ask leave for an extension period of not more than 4 weeks. Those who havenot asked for the leave and those who fail to register before the end of theextension period without proper reason such as force Majeure will lose theirqualification as an admitted student.





2. The University will checkthe health condition of students, as required by the regulations of the Chinesegovernment; only healthy students can register and enroll. Students who failthe health check may lose their qualification. Students who are found topresent fraudulent documents or use illegal ways to be admitted will bedismissed immediately.




3. Students with diseaseunfit to continue their study as diagnosed by government-appointed health andquarantine departments will have a suspension of schooling for a period of oneyear. Students who have rehabilitated during this period may resume schoolingby application for readmission, but they will need a health re-exam byofficially appointed health and quarantine departments. Students who cannotpass the re-exam or do not complete the registration and enrollment procedureon time will be disqualified.





4. At the beginning of eachsemester, student should register in person with receipts of tuition and feespaid at Foreign Students Administration within 2 weeks. Students who cannotregister on time should give their explanations to the teacher in charge of hisor her class. Students who have not paid their tuition and fees or cannot meetany other requirements of registration will not be registered. Theirqualification to study for this academic year can not be gained until theCollege stamped their Student ID Cards. Those who are unable to arrive at theCollege due to some reason need to go through the procedure accordingly: Thosewho ask sick leave need to submit medical document; those who ask for leave forsome other reason need to submit a written application to their teacher incharge of the class two weeks in advance. The cases without leave applicationand approval from the Foreign Students Administration will be taken asabsenteeism. Those who arrive at the College but failed to go through theprocedure for registration will also be considered to be absenteeism; those whofailed to register longer than 4 weeks after the beginning of the academic yearwithout proper reason will be regarded as voluntary dropouts.








5. Students who suspend,withdraw or leave school due to other reasons, will not be registered withoutgoing through the related procedure for resumption of study.


Section 2  Duration of Program


6. The length of program isas followsfor medicine majored undergraduates is 5-6years; For undergraduate who majored in Pharmacy or other area is 4 years. Itis possible for students who are unable to complete the courses as requiredwithin the allotted time to apply to extend their study for at most two years.




Section3  Assessment and Academic Record


7. Students should takeassessment of the courses and other curricular activities as required by thecurriculum (hereafter all referred as courses). The result of assessment willbe kept in the transcript and filed in the student personal record.                                                



8. There are two ways ofassessments: examination and pass/fail assessment. Only those who passassessments can earn the credits of the course.                                                    


9. If the student for somereason such as illness, hospitalization, etc. cannot take the examination, anapplication for delaying the examination must be sent, agreed by the collegeand arranged by the teaching affairs department. A delayed examination shouldbe equally effective in the student’s academic record as the normal one.



10. Student may elect coursesfrom other major, paying appropriate fees as required. Approved by the College,student may elect courses from other university according to inter-universityagreement. The grade/credit earned from the other university must be examinedand verified by the University for recognition.                




11. Misconduct, such ascheating during the examination or absent from an examination with no reasonwill lead to a zero grade of the course. The offenders will be criticized andsubject to a corresponding disciplinary action. The offenders will not beallowed to sit the reexamination as well. But a chance to sit the makeupexamination before graduation for the course will be given if they behave wellafterwards.                                            




12. Attendance of curricularactivities is mandatory. Leave of absence must be asked and approved in advance;otherwise, the offender will be criticized or even subject to disciplinaryaction according to the Penalty for Violating the Rules of the University. Sickleave application should be submitted with medical certificate issued by thedoctor. Application for compassionate leave of absence no longer than 2 dayscan be approved by the teacher in charge of his or her class; Leave of absencewithin 3 days can be approved by the director of the Foreign StudentsAdministration; Application longer than 3 days but within 2 weeks or forstudents who need to leave Nanchang for some reason should be approved by thecollege first, and then sent to the Foreign Students Administration to be keptin the student’s record. Leave longer than 2 weeks needs to be granted afterthe College meeting discussion. Except under such circumstances as acutedisease or a matter of great urgency, a late application for leave will not beaccepted. Students should report to the Foreign Students Administration rightafter they come back from their leave.









13. Students with anattendance of 50% and above for a course including leave time may sit theexamination; students whose attendance below 50%will not be allowed to sit theexamination but can be provided a chance to sit its makeup exam; students withan average attendance during the academic year of below 30% have to repeat theacademic year’s work.



14. The grading system forexaminations and courses is as follows: For courses of which the duration isone semester, the final result is composed of 80% of the examination marks and20% of the attendance records. For courses of which the duration is twosemesters, the first semester score is composed of 80% of the examination marksand 20% of the attendance records. Students who failed the first semester maysit the reexamination and a passing score will be recorded if they pass it; thesecond semester score is composed of 80% of the examination marks and 20% ofthe attendance records. Students who failed the second semester may sit itsreexamination and a passing score will be recorded if they pass it. The finalresult for the course consists of 50% of the first semester and 50% of thesecond semester respectively. For a course that is multiple semesters in length,final result is graded in proportion to the semester number. Students who failthe course (the final result is below passing score) have to sit the makeupexamination before graduation for the course. Students are not allowed to entera higher grade when the courses to be retaken come to three or above in one academicyear.





考通过按及格线记载分数;本课程最终成绩按第一、二学期分占50%计算; 三学



15. Students who fail anexamination, or are unable to attend the examination for some reason, will beable to sit a reexamination (or makeup). The opportunity for reexamination fora course is given only once for each semester. For students who pass makeupexam a passing score will be given. For students who fail makeup exam, thehigher one of the examination score and makeup exam score will be recorded.




Section 4  Promotion to a highergrade

and Repetition of an academic year’s work


16. Students who complete thecourses as required with passing marks or above will be promoted to a highergrade


17. Under the followingcircumstances, student should repeat that academic year’s work:


  Students whosefailed courses (after its make-up examination) come to three or above in one academicyear. Disqualification for makeup exam is deemed as failure in it;


  Students with anaverage attendance in one academic year below 30%


18. Students who repeat agrade don’t have to take the courses that he or she passed before their repetition.



19. Students can not take twoconsecutive repetitions; and the accumulated should be no more than twice.


20. Repetition studentsshould pay tuition and fees as required for his or her original batch.


Section 6:Change of Major and Transfer to Other Higher Institutions


21. Student who meets thefollowing criteria may apply for a change of major: 学生符合以下情况之一可以申请转专业:

  Being recognizedby the college as to have outstanding skills more suitable to take anothermajor;


  Being recognizedby the college as to have certain difficulty not suitable to stick to theoriginal major but still suitable to take other appropriate majors of theuniversity;



  Being qualifiedfor the criteria as required by the relevant major.


22. The following criteriawill exclude the student from change of major:


  Not meeting thecriteria of the selected major.


  Not accepted bythe selected major.


23. Steps for the change ofmajor include: application by the student; consent by the University andCollege and then completing the necessary procedures with Foreign StudentsAdministration.


24. Students, who do havecertain difficulties and thus cannot continue their study at the University,may apply for a transfer to another higher institution. To transfer out of theUniversity the student must go through the necessary procedures: A writtenapplication should be submitted and be sanctioned by the President of theCollege. The Foreign Students Administration will then contact the universityor college into which the student is going to transfer for related officialdocument. Finally the Nanchang Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of P.R.C. willbe reported to cancel their resident permit. About the percentage of tuitionand fees to be refunded please see regulations regarding Refunds.





25. The following conditionsexclude the transfer of institutions:


  Having studiedin the University for less than one semester;


  Without anyproper reason.


Section 7: Suspension andResuming of Schooling


26. Students may completetheir study in separate stages, but the longest overall extension of the periodof attendance (including the suspension of schooling) shall not exceed 2 years.



27. Students can be subjectto suspension under any one of the following situations:


In the event that a student is diagnosedwith an illness or injury that is expected to cause their being unable toattend more than two thirds of the total credit hours for the semester( due torecovery, treatment or therapy), or in the event of certain diseases, a studentmay suspend their study at the College;


Students who have requested leave, and theaccumulative leave is over one third of the total credit hours of one semesteras determined by attendance record, may be subject to suspension;


Students who are unable to pay out theirtuition and fees as required are subject to suspension;


Students may apply for suspension due tospecial circumstances by submitting an application or may receive suspensionfrom the College if circumstances warrant such actions.


28. Students who apply for asuspension of schooling or are required to suspend schooling should be approvedby the College and FOREIGN STUDENTS ADMINISTRATION. In general, suspension ofschooling is limited to one semester. Under special circumstances and approvedby the College, the suspension period may be extended, but the overall periodof extension must not exceed 2 years.




29. The University does notencourage marriage during the schooling years. If the student gets pregnant orhas given birth to child, and is therefore inappropriate to study and live atthe university, may have a suspension of schooling.


30. According to relevantregulations students serving military duty may keep their status of student notlonger than 2 years.


31. Student who has suspendedschooling shall leave the university campus after going through necessaryprocedure. During the suspension period, the person will no longer enjoy thestatus of an enrolled student.


32. When the suspensionperiod is due to expire, the student should send application to resumeschooling two weeks before the end of the semester. It must be approved by theUniversity before the student can resume schooling.



Section 8:Drop Out of School


33. Under the following circumstances, student shoulddrop out or be demanded to   drop out of school:


1)Not sending in applicationto resume schooling as required after the suspension period has ended, or notbeing able to pass the re-examination and therefore not approved to resumeschooling;


2)Diagnosed by thehospitals appointed by the University to have mental disorder, epilepsy, etc.or unexpected injury that prevents the student to continue to study; 经学校指定医院诊断,患有精神病、癫痫等疾病或者意外伤残无法继续在校学习的;

3)Being absent from the schoolwithout asking for leave, or, though asked, but not approved, thus not beingable to participate the required curricular activities for 2 continuous weeksor accumulatively for 4 weeks in one semester;


4)Not being able toregister within 4 weeks after the beginning of the academic year without anyproper excuse; 每学年开学四周内未注册而又无正当事由的

5)Being talked to butstill refuse to suspend their study when they are subject to suspension; 达到休学条件而不休学,经说服无效者;

6)Asked to drop out ofschool by the student in person. 本人申请退学的

34. Student who has dropped out of school must bereported to Nanchang Exit-Entry   Administration Bureau to canceltheir resident permit and then exit from China within the time limit asrequired.


Section 9: Graduation, Completionof the Curriculum and Completion of the Courses


35. Student who has completedthe courses required by the curriculum, and reached the standard establishedfor graduation, can graduate and be conferred the diploma.


36. Student who has completedthe courses required by the curriculum, but has not reached the standardestablished for graduation, may finish the study and will be issued aCertificate of Completion of Study. Within the period specified by theUniversity, the student may retake the relevant courses or redo the graduation thesisor design. Once the standard for graduation is reached, the student may changethe Certificate of Completion of Study to the Diploma; the date of graduationwill be the date of issuance of the diploma.


37. The University AcademicDegree Committee will confer Degree Certificate to the qualified students.


38. Student who has completedmore than one academic year of study and then dropped out will be issued aCertificate of Study.


39. If, in addition to thecompletion of the major program, the student has also successfully completed aminor program, the student will be conferred the Certificate of Minor Program.


40. Diploma, Certificate forCompletion of Study, or Certificate of Study, or   DegreeCertificate, if lost or damaged, will not be re-issued, but the owner can sendapplication to the University, and if the case is verified to be true, theUniversity will issue a document certifying the corresponding status.


Section10  Campus Order and Extracurricular Activities


41: The University strives tokeep campus order, to ensure a good environment for study and living.


42: The University set uporganizations and regulations to promote student involvement in the democraticmanagement of the University; it encourages and supports students to giveadvice and make suggestions to the work of the University.


43: All students should abideby the laws and regulations of China as well as regulations of the University,and try their best to create and maintain a civilized, clean, elegant and safeenvironment for study. Students are strictly forbidden to the indulgence ofalcoholic beverages or drugs; acting with violence; gambling; propagating, copyingand selling illegal publications or audio-visual products and any behavioragainst the law in respect to the management of public security. Students arenot allowed to take part in illegal pyramid selling, or religious preachingactivities. Students are not allowed to do anything that will impair the imageof a college student and erode public morality.


44: The University shallrespect the ethnic custom and religious belief of the students but will notafford places for holding religious rites. Preaching, religious rally and otherreligious activities are not allowed on campus.


45: Students are free to setup and join student club or organizations. To establish student organization,the students should send a written application to the FOREIGN STUDENTSADMINISTRATION to be approved. Student organization must operate within thescope allowed by the laws, and regulations of China, as well as the regulationsof the University; it must accept the leadership and management of theUniversity.


46: The University encouragesstudents and their organizations to carry out all kinds of academic,scientific, technological, artistic, recreational, and sports activities.Extracurricular activities must not impact the regular teaching and livingorder.


47: The University encourages, supports andgives guidance to the students as to the community service activities andpart-time work-study program which is inside the campus, and will give themnecessary help. Students joining the part-time work-study program should abideby the laws and regulations of China, as well as the regulations of theUniversity and the employer unit; they should faithfully carry out their dutiesas specified in the relevant agreements.


48: Mass assembly,demonstration and parade must be approved in advance according to legalprocedures and laws of China; any unapproved activities will be stopped orpersuaded to give up by the University.


49: Student must abide by theregulations of the State and the University in using computer network; it isnot allowed to log on illegal websites or propagate harmful information.


50: Student should strictlyabide by the dormitory management and fire safety regulations of theUniversity, and always be aware of campus safety.


Section 11  Annex

51: These regulations comeinto effect since March 1, 2007; if other documents issued by the Universityconflict with the present regulations, the present regulations shall prevail.



52: The University reservesthe rights of explaining, changing or amending these regulations. 江西中医药大学保留解释修改本条例的权利

53: International languagestudents and students for general advanced study shall follow theseregulations.


Dormitory Rulesand Regulations for Foreign Students and Students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Attending Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Part I General principles


1. The following rules and regulations areformulated for the purpose of raising the student’s ability to manage, serveand educate themselves.


2. The dormitory is a place provided for studentsto live, study and rest. It is also a place to nurture the student’s behaviorand promote their cultural and ethic progress.


3. The objective of dormitory management is “safety,civilization, and harmony” and “neatness, coziness and convenience”


4. The dormitories are jointly managed by theForeign Student Administration and the College Office of the College.

The Foreign Student Administration takes care of:

a) Nurturing students’ behavior;

b) Building spiritual civilization.

The College Office takes care of:

a) Security

b)Cleaning work in the community place;

c)Maintenance of the facilities.


Part II Room and Apartment Arrangement


5. Students’ hostel are arranged by the university,and beds and rooms are arranged by the Office. Students’ room shall be allottedby the Office and no change should be made without their permission.


6. Registered students should pay the hostel feeyearly and live in the dormitory compulsorily.


7. The students are not allowed to live off campus.The students may apply to do so in some special cases. But they have to take theirown responsibility.


8. In case of suspension, course-completion,graduation or dropout the Office has the full authority to make its adjustmentso that no room should stay empty..


9. Written application to the teacher in charge oftheir class should be submitted by the student, if he/she stays duringvacations. The management takes care of the students and shall rearrange theirrooms.


10. In case of suspension, course-completion,graduation or withdrawal the students need to go through the procedure with theOffice. These students need to return all the accessories to the College whichwere provided to them earlier. The students should take their belongings withthem when they leave. There shall be some extra charges if the procedure is notdone well. In case of academic suspension and resumption these shall be againnew procedure by the College.


11. The students who leave the university shouldnot destroy or damage any facilities of the university.


PartIII  Assets Management


12. University provides all the basic facilities in the dormitoryincluding the power supply and the water supply. The students should take goodcare of all facilities by turning off electrical appliance and lights beforeleaving, and by saving water.


13. In the rooms the facilities provided byUniversity are: Computer, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electricwater heater, bed, mattress, bandstand, assembled secretaries, table chairs,multipurpose cabinet, lights, electrical fan, door and windows, window curtain,TV set, remote control, the cabinet for TV set, TV line, telephone set,telephone line, burglar-proof door keys, clotheshorse and so on. When freshmencome they need to check facilities provided, sign the inventory list of theapartment. All the students who stay in the dormitory are fully responsible ifany damage happens to the provided accessories.


14. The students have to protect all the facilitiesprovided by the University. The management and students should keep each otherto do the work co-operatively in saving and protecting the facilities.


15. All the facilities in the dormitory areforbidden to move, refit or dismantle freely, If it is not working properly,the students should report to the Office for repair within three days.


16. If there is any damage in the dormitory and noperson responsible can be found then the students have to collectively shareand bear the cost of repair.


17. In case of graduation, suspension or withdrawalfrom the college, or room and apartment rearrangement the Office shall checkthe facilities in the dormitory. If there is any damage or loss of any item thecompensation work should be done within three weekdays.


18. Damage due to nature or some irresistible causeare paid by the University and in case of tough handling the student has topay. If damage is done deliberately then the fine shall be 10 times of theactual price of that item under the "Penalties for Violating the Rules ".The compensation shall be set by the Office and Foreign Students AdministrationDepartment.


Part IV Discipline


19The students should strictly observe the timetable made by theCollege. To stay off campus whole night is not allowed.  The gates shallopen at 6:00 in the morning, and shall close at 22:30 at night. Failure to get back by this time at night shall be given penalty according to the"Penalties for Violating the Rules ". After 23: 00 visiting others isnot allowed. The students who are late or want to leave the dormitory for somespecial reasons such as illness should show the identity card for registeringat the security guard.  


20. Boys can enter girls’ hostel or vice-versa onlywhen they are registered by the guard and after showing Identity card. They arenot allowed after 21:30 at night. It is forbidden to stay for the whole nightthere.


21. Students are supposed to maintain dormitoryorder on their own initiative.Inside theirdormitory such acts as making big noise, playing group games or sports,gambling, drinking alcohol or beer, or smoking are forbidden. During the classtime and after 23:00 o’clock students are not allowed to sing songs loudly, to playchess or card, or to play musical instruments. Turn down stereo volume so asnot disturb others. Alcohol or beer is prohibited in dormitories. The corridorsand stairways of the dormitory should be kept clean. Parking vehicles and personalproperty there is not allowed. Thermos, bowl etc. are not allowed to keep inthe guard room.

第二十一条学生应自觉维护学生宿舍的生活、学习秩序。不准在宿舍内大声喧哗、吵闹、群体游戏、体育运动等;宿舍内严禁赌博、喝酒、抽烟等行为; 上课时间和2300以后,不允许在宿舍内下棋、打扑克、吹拉弹唱等;使用音响的音量应控制在不影响他人休息和学习的范围内;23:00 以后禁止相互串门;禁止在宿舍和楼道内停放自行车、堆放杂物、将热水瓶、碗等物品放在门卫室等出入口,保证楼道畅通。

22. Students are not allowed to paste any kind ofadvertisements or to be engaged the illegal activity in the dormitory. Tradingactivity is also not allowed in the dormitory. Throwing goods out of the windowis not allowed.


23. Playing card is not allowed in the dormitory.Watching, collecting and circulating unhealthy video or reading unhealthy orvulgar books are not allowed in the dormitory. Vulgar drawings are not allowedto paste on the wall.


24. Students may make their own rules to manage,supervise and safeguard the dormitory as awhole                                                        .


PartV   Safety


25. Students should take proper care of thedormitory and make it safe and secure by raising awareness of security and conceptof legality. Students should stop and then report to the management the badbehaviors which would endanger the safety of the dormitory.


26. Students can’t use or destroy fire fightingequipment without permission. In case of fire, call the police, leave the siteof fire or extinguish the fire, etc. to minimize the loss.


27. Students shouldn't accommodate friend outsidethe college for the night. If they do so and if there is any property loss orbodily injury to the other students, the relevant legal responsibility shall beinvestigated.


28. Students should keep their own belongings safely.Before leaving the dormitory the students must lock the door properly. Changingof locks or lending your key to others should not be done. Students should bealert to the suspicious-looking men. When there happens a criminal or publicsecurity case, the students on the scene should protect the scene and report tothe management immediately.


29. Students should not keep knives, sticks, radioactivesubstances and other dangerous matters which is poisonous, or inflammable, or susceptibleto erosion in the dormitory. Burning waste paper or lighting candles in thedormitory is not allowed.


PartVI   Power Use


30. Dormitory is the place where students live andstudy, so every student should economize on electricity and use itproperly.  


31. Student should take good care of all facilities. In case of exposure of wire, electric leakage, or any damage they should reportto the Office immediately.


32. Students are not allowed to remove power line,or to pull another one to install a bulb holder without permission, and notallowed to extend power supply facility in the dormitory, Students should not destroypower supply box or power supply cable in the dormitory, and also should notremove or repair power distribution facilities themselves.


33. Counterfeit electrical appliances, which haveno “China Compulsory Certification” mark, or too old to be used properly, arenot allowed to use in the dormitory. Students are not allowed to touch thepower distribution facility and the illumination lamps or approach the power supplyjoint to something inflammable without permission.


34. Things such as electric heater, electriccooking pot (pot), electro thermal furnace, pressure cooker, electric fryingpan, electric iron, microwave oven, electromagnetic oven, electric blanket,electric cup, juice extractor, foot warmer, drying machine, and other item which shall put excess load to electricity meter are not allowed in thedormitory.


35. Electricity which is provided is in Fixed QuantityAllocation, and if you exceed the amount then you have to pay.

35.1 Free electricity provided to every studentevery month in 10 months is 50 degrees. The electricity shall be provided atthe beginning of the session by the Office.

35.2 Students must not use electricity at one timeexceeding the limit of 2500 watt, otherwise it will cause switch trip

35.3 If the dormitory exceeds the given quantity ofelectricity, the students have to pay and take the electricity. The workingtime for selling electricity is at 12:30-13:30 from Monday to Friday and onholidays it is at 1630-1730.





36. The punishmentfor violating the regulations of Management of Power Use is as follows:

36.1 Studentswho break Rule No.30, 31, 35 shall be given public reprimand.

36.2 Students who break Rule No.32, 33, 34, shallbe given disciplinary warning and their electric appliances shall be confiscated.In cases with dire consequence, a heavier penalty shall be given and relatedlegal liability shall be investigated.

36.3 Legal responsibility shall be investigatedwhen bodily injury or property loss are caused due to using electric appliancesimproperly.

36.4 Students who reject or do something to hinderthe management to inspect dormitory shall be given a warning. Students who abuseor even assault the management shall be given Demerit Record or even a heavierpenalty.

36.5 Students who violate the regulations for PowerUse shall not get any award given by the University in the given academic year.Dormitories that violate the regulations of Management of Power Use can not bechosen as “Model Dormitory” in the given academic year.






5. 凡违规用电者,一学年内不得参与评定奖学金,优秀学干等各类各级评优评先活动,出现违章用电的寝室一学年内不得参与评定“文明寝室”。

PartVII   Dormitory Sanitation


37. As life in the dormitory is closely related tothe achievements of a student, a dormitory and even a class, students’dormitory sanitation shall be graded and the result shall be included duringall kinds of excellence awards appraisal.


38. Students’ personal hygiene and sanitation inthe dormitory rooms and in the communal places shall be taken intoconsideration when grading.


39. Students’personal hygiene is required as follows:

39.1 Keep ahealthy lifestyle and exercise regularly

39.2 Keep yourselvesand everything around you clean and in order.




40. Arrangement should be made by head of thedormitory and then dormitory members take turns to do the cleaning for thedormitory.


41. Dormitoryrooms are required as follows:

41.1 Door and window should be clean and be kept ingood condition without paper stuck to


41.2 The floorshould be clean without water, spit and rubbish etc.;

41.3 The wallhas no drawing and graffiti pollution;

41.4 Thequilt and bed sheet should be folded or leveled off;

41.5 Thetable and things on it should be clean and in order;

41.6 The airshould be fresh.








42. The students take turns to inspect all thedormitories and grade their sanitation with the management regularly. Theresults shall be published within one week, and then archived in the ForeignStudents Administration for excellence and awards appraisal afterwards.


43. The communal places in the dormitory should be takencare of by all students and shall be inspected by the teacher in charge of hisor her class regularly.


44. Thecommunal places in the dormitory are required as follows:

44.1 The leftovers should be into bins for wastefood. Don’t drop used water or leave rubbish on the ground in public place.Throwing articles or rubbish out of the window and cooking in the dormitory arealso not allowed.

44.2 Don’t park personal articles in public placeand don’t pull up ropes in public place to dry clothes without permission.

44.3 Keep bathroom and lavatory clean and flush thelavatory after using it.





45. Animals such as dog, cat, chicken, duck,rabbit, mouse, pigeon etc. are not allowed to feed in dormitory


PartVIII  Cultural and Ethical Progress in the Dormitory


46. Dormitoryis required to be positive, healthy, civilized and harmonious.


47. Model dormitories shall be chosen throughpublic appraisal and Dormitory Culture & Arts Festival shall be held withthe aim of pushing cultural and ethical progress in the dormitory.


48. The University provides connections to internetand cabled TV in the dormitory to facilitate the learning and life in campus.Nevertheless students should not indulge themselves in it and neglect theirhealth and study.


49. No one may use the Campus network to produce, copy,consult or disseminate the following information:

1)that which incites resistance to theConstitution or laws or implementation of administrative regulations;

2)that which incites subversion of thegovernment or of the socialist system;

3)that which incites splitting of the countryor disruption of national unification;

4)that which incites hatred ordiscrimination among ethnic groups or incites national separatism.

Whoeverfound committing the above mentioned acts shall be expelled from theUniversity.  


50. No one may use the Campus network to produce, copy,consult or disseminate the following information:

1)that which spreads rumors, disturbspublic order or disrupts social stability;

2)that which promotes cults or feudalsuperstitions, spreads pornography, gambling, violence or terror or incitescriminal activities;

3)that which openly insults other people ordistorts facts to slander other people;

4)Damages the reputation of state organs.

Whoever found committing the above mentioned acts shall be given thepenalty ranging from warning, demerit record to expulsion from the Universitydepending on the seriousness of each case.


51. The following acts are forbidden without prior approval:using computer networks or network resources; changing network functions; addingto, deleting, or altering information stored, processed or being transmittedthrough the network; deliberately making or transmitting viruses; Otheractivities which harm the network are also prohibited. Whoever commits theabove mentioned acts shall be given disciplinary penalty ranging from a warningto expulsion from the University depending on the seriousness of each case andpay the loss incurred as well. In cases of extremely serious violationoffender shall be brought to public security organs.


52. The freedom and privacy of network users isprotected by law. No one may, in violation of these regulations, use theInternet to violate the freedom and privacy of network users.The offender shall be given warning. In some caseswhen infraction is serious and loss incurred a demerit record shall be givenand loss should be paid.


Part IX Supplementary Articles


53. Work by the dormitory management and inspectingstudents should be respected and cooperated. Any hindrance is forbidden.


54. Those students who violate the regulationsshall be disciplined according to the Penalties for Violating the Rules ofthe University


55. Those who perform well and score high in the activitiessuch as Model Dormitory appraisal shall receive reward or commendation.


56. These regulations come into effect since February1, 2007; if other documents issued by the University conflict with the presentregulations, the present regulations shall prevail.


57The University reservesthe rights of explaining, changing or amending these regulations.


DisciplinaryActions and Sanctions for Foreign Students Attending JXUTCM


Part I General Policies


1. In order to strengthen the administration of theInternational Education College ( hereafter referred as the College), maintainnormal academic order and living environment, build a civilized campus andeducate the foreign students to observe the regulations and abide by the law,Jiangxi University of TCM ( hereafter referred as the University )hasformulated these rules and regulations in accordance with Jiangxi University ofTCM Penalties for Violating the Rules and Regulations and the actualities ofthe College.


2. These disciplinary actions and sanctions shallapply to those who are officially registered degree-seeking, or non-degreeforeign students and students from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macao when they arefound to have violated the rules and regulations.


3. TheCollege shall deal with those who violate the rules of the University on theprinciples:

1)    ofequity, fairness and justice,

2)    ofcombining education with punishment,

3)    andof safeguarding the students’ right of appeal.


4. These disciplinary actions and sanctions shallalso apply to those who violate the rules when engaging in clinical practice inhospitals or other social activities off the campus.


Part II Typesand Application of Penalties


5. Those who are found to have violated the rulesof the University shall be given the following sanctions depending oncircumstances like the seriousness of conduct, attitude towards his or her actand behavior of repentance etc.

1) Disciplinary warning- A written statement to the student thathis/her behavior is in violation of the rules. The statement clarifies expectedfuture behavior. Further misconduct may be treated with more serious sanctions.A record of the Disciplinary warning shall be maintained in the disciplinaryfiles.

2) Demerit record-  It is an indication that his/her behavioris in serious violation of the rules and further violation shall result in moresevere disciplinary action, up to and including Disciplinary Probation orexpulsion from the University. The Demerit shall be published on the campusnotice board and shall be noted in the student’s transcript.

3) Disciplinary probation- This sanction is an official warning thatthe student's conduct is in violation of University regulations or governmentlaws. Students placed on disciplinary probation are deemed "not in goodstanding” with the University. The duration will be a full calendar year andadditional stipulations shall be enforced. Additional stipulations shall be,but are not limited to, suspension of rights and privileges, suspension ofeligibility to participate in scholarship or any other award of excellenceselection, and notation on the student's transcript. During the period,reported violations of the rules will result in Expulsion. A student may petitionto have the probation lifted and/or the notation removed from the transcript.This petition will not be acceptable if submitted sooner than one calendar yearfrom the date the probation began. Disciplinary probation shall not beapplicable to those who have only one year to graduate.

4) Expulsion - This result in permanent termination of studentstatus without possibility of readmission. Permanent notation of this actionshall be recorded on the transcript and the student is barred from theUniversity.

There are supplementary sanctions which are described as follows:

5) Compensation for losses;

6) Fine;

7) Confiscation of prohibited articles.

Supplementary sanctions may be imposed independently.











6. Sanctions for acts violating the rules shall bemitigated under any of the following circumstances:

1when those responsible voluntarily admit their mistakeshave behaviors ofrepentance and correct them in time;

2when those responsible were coerced or induced by others and thenvoluntarily assist the College to investigate the incident;

3or when the circumstances are obviously minor and the harm done isnot serious.





7.  Heavier penalties shall be given for actsviolating the rules under any of the following circumstances:

1) When those responsible refuse to admit mistake and show a badattitude towards the management;

2) When those responsible have been repeatedly punished and refuseto amend.

3) When those responsible take revenge on the informants orwitnesses;

4) When those responsible commit the act against discipline gangingtogether with people outside the University;

5) When those responsible act as a head during the group violation;

6) when those responsible have already received disciplinary warningor demerit record once and then commit an act against discipline again;Expulsion shall be imposed on those who have already received demerit recordtwice during his or her stay in the University and then commit violation again;

7) When acts have caused relatively serious consequences or incurredadverse effect on the University;

8Anyone who receives disciplinary sanction shall be given suchadditional punishments:

aThose who receiveWarning, Demerit Record or Disciplinary Probation shall be cancelled thequalification for scholarship in the given academic year.

bThose who receiveDisciplinary Probation may be lifted sanction after one year if they behavewell and no further infractions of the university rules and regulations arecommitted. If not, they shall be expelled from the university.







6、曾受过一次警告或记过处分者,第二次违纪时从重处分; 在本校累计受两次记过以上处分者,第三次违纪时,无论情节轻重,一律给予开除学籍处分;





Part III ActsViolating the Rules and Sanctions


8. Whoever commits the acts disturbing public andacademic order or disrupting the stability by organizing and incitingdisturbance, if serious consequence incurred, shall be expelled from theUniversity.


9. Whoever violates Chinese laws and regulationsand is punished by the Public Security organs or judicial organs shall also begiven the disciplinary penalties from the University as follows:

1Expulsion from theUniversity shall be given to those who are sentenced to public surveillance,criminal detention or reeducation through labor;

2Demerit record,disciplinary probation or expulsion from the University shall be given to thosewho are detained depending on circumstances;

3Serious warning ordemerit record shall be given to those who are warned or fined by the PublicSecurity organs depending on circumstances.





10. Whoever steals or defrauds money or propertyand is punished by the Public Security organs or judicial organs shall also begiven a disciplinary action from the university as well as paying back thestolen money and goods in full. And for those who commit the following actslike:

1Stealing an officialseal, confidential documents or files shall be given Disciplinary probation andabove

2Standing sentry, providinginformation or tools for a theft, deliberately concealing of a theft, orholding, handling or sharing of any stolen goods shall be given Demerit recordand above;

3Stealing other’s ID toget money or property illegally shall be given Demerit record and above inaddition to paying back the money and property;

4Stealing others internet account andconsequently causing loss to the other shall be given Warning and above inaddition to compensation for the loss;

5Forging a seal for anillegal activity shall be given Disciplinary probation and above;

6Causing serious economicand social damage by their offence shall be given Expulsion from the University

7Stealing or defacinglibrary publications shall be given penalty according to the loss incurred









11. Anyone who deliberately damages publicfacilities shall be given penalty ranging from Warning to DisciplinaryProbation according the loss incurred.


12. For thosewho are involved in a fighting:

1Anyone who doesn’tengage in a fighting though, but serves to fan the flames of the fighting shallbe given Warning

2Anyone who instigates afighting and causes a consequence shall be given Demerit Record; If seriousconsequence incurred, the penalty shall be Disciplinary Probation or Expulsion;

3For the act of fighting:

lAnyone who fights, causing no injury, shallbe given Warning;

lAnyone who fights, causing a minor injury,shall be given Demerit Record or Disciplinary Probation;

lAnyone who fights, causing a severe or evencrippling injury, shall be given Expulsion;

lAnyone who fights with a weapon shall begiven Disciplinary Probation or Expulsion;

4Anyone who providesweapon for a fighting:

lShall be given Demerit Record or DisciplinaryProbation if the case is of no great consequence;

lShall be given Expulsion if the case is ofgreat consequence.

5For anyone who tries toretaliate against other people after the fighting, the penalty shall beincreased or even Expulsion shall be imposed.

6For anyone who tries toarrange other people to willfully tell an untruth in their favor after thefighting, the penalty shall be increased.

7Anyone who fights andcauses an injury shall pay for the medical treatment, nutrition fees andcompensation for all the property loss incurred in addition to the disciplinarypenalty. For those who fail to pay all the compensation in time, the penaltyshall be increased to a greater level.















13. Anyone who rejects or do something to hinderthe management to inspect dormitory shall be given a warning. Students whoabuse or even assault the management shall be given serious warning or even aheavier penalty.


14. Such acts as defaming others, committing perjury,forging or tampering with any documents shall be given disciplinary sanction.

1Anyone who fabricates arumor against others and causes adverse effect shall be given Demerit Record

2Anyone who commitsperjury and consequently causes trouble for the investigation shall be givenDemerit Record

3Anyone who forges ortampers with any important document shall be given Disciplinary Probation orExpulsion

4Anyone who hides,discards, damages or illegally opens other people's letters or parcels shall begiven Demerit Record and bears all the responsibility incurred as well.






15. Anyone who is found watching, collecting orcirculating unhealthy video or reading unhealthy or vulgar books shall be givenWarning or Demerit Record.


16. Any boy who stays the whole night at girls’hostel or vice versa shall be given Disciplinary Probation or Expulsion. Andany boy or girl who allows the stay shall be given the same disciplinarysanction.


17. Anyonewho is found drug taking shall be given Expulsion


18. Anyone who engages in any illegal organizationor activity without approval from the management

1Shall be given a PublicReprimand or Warning if the case is not serious and the offender amends theirerrors after admonition;

2Shall be given DemeritRecord if the case is serious and refuse to amend their errors.




19. Anyone who drinks excessively and makes troubleshall be given Demerit Record or more serious penalty according tocircumstances.


20. Anyonewho rents a flat outside without prior approval and neglect advice to correctshall be given Disciplinary Probation.


21. Anyone who swims in river, lake or reservoirwithout prior approval from the management shall be given DisciplinaryProbation


22. Anyone who leaves the city of Nanchang or theplace where he or she does the internship without prior approval during their stayin China, shall be given Demerit Record if the case is not serious and theviolator shows willingness to amend as well; or shall be given DisciplinaryProbation if the case is serious or the violator refuses to amend.


23. Anyone who stays out of the campus at night andfails to return to the dormitory before the time as required shall be givenDemerit Record.


24. Anyone who sets off firecrackers or fireworksin the campus without prior approval from the management shall be givenWarning. If any loss incurred, punishment shall be increased in addition tomaking compensation.


25. For those who violate the rules and regulationsfor classroom, dormitory, canteen and library as follows:

(1) Anyone who violates the rules for power use in the dormitoryshall be given Warning. If any loss incurred, punishment shall be increased inaddition to making compensation.

(2) Anyone who makes such a racket in public or holds celebrationtill midnight as to impair other people's daily life, work or study, andrefuses to correct their errors in spite of admonitions shall be given Warning.

(3) Anyone who drops litter or sewage in the campus and refuses tocorrect despite admonitions shall be given Warning. And if serious consequenceincurred, penalty shall be increased.

(4) Anyone who causes equipment damages, injuries or even deaths dueto mishandling or violation of labor disciplines shall be given penalty inaccordance with the seriousness of the cases in addition to compensation forthe loss.






26. Anyone who fails to complete their task asrequired for no or proper reason during internship shall be given Warning ormore serious penalty.


27. Anyonewhose accumulated absenteeism comes to as follows:

(1)  12%of the total class hours shall be given a Public Reprimand

(2) 12%-25% shall be given Warning

(3) 25%-38% shall be given Demerit Record

(4) 38%-50% shall be given Disciplinary Probation

(5)  50%and above shall be given Expulsion


(一)12% 以下者,给予通报批评;





28.Punishment Measures for Violations of Regulations in exams:

(1) Anyonewho violates exam rules and regulations shall be given Demerit Record;

(2) Anyonewho cheats in exams shall be given Disciplinary Probation;

(3) Anyone whocheats twice shall be given Expulsion

(4) Anyonewho sits for exam as a ringer or hires a ringer to sit an exam in his/her nameshall be given Expulsion.






29. For any offence which is not mentioned herethough but is to be punished shall be given penalty with reference to theseRegulations



Management ofthe Certificates for Foreign Students

1. Foreign students must enter China with an “X” visa.  Within 30 days students must take perform the required medical andphysical examination and obtain a Residence Permit. Any student who fails toobtain this required Residency Permit within the allotted time will be subjectto fines and penalties in accordance to the law.


2. Students returning totheir nation of origin, traveling to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or any other country, need to follow the required procedures for obtaining the permission ofthe University, and in this way obtain the exit visa. The University must givepermission for the student to obtain the exit visa and leave China.


3. When the students areperforming the procedures for obtaining the student residency certificates, thestudents should submit, in advance, an application to the International Education College. The University will assist the students with the applications procedures forresident permits which are issued by the Nanchang Municipal Security ForeignAffairs Branch.


4. Students should ensure thesafety and security of their Residency Permits and other certificates anddocuments for study by giving said documents and certificates to the Universityfor Safekeeping. The certificates are the property of the University and arenot to be altered, or mutilated in any manner. In the event the certificate islost or stolen, then the student is responsible for reporting the loss to theUniversity administration, the police, and post a notification of the loss inthe Jiangxi newspaper in accordance with Chinese law. In the event a passportis lost or stolen, the student should go to their respective Embassy orConsulate in China and follow procedures for obtaining a replacement passportand then the student will be required to reapply for a new resident permit fromNanchang Municipal Security Foreign Affairs Branch. Additional University administration fees will be charged to the student in assisting them in obtainingtheir replacement passport.



Appendix B:

Proceduresfor Visitors to Students for the International Education College of Jiangxi Chinese Medical University

The following regulations are enacted inorder to guarantee the security of foreign students, protect the property ofthe University, and maintain an established standard procedure.


1.   Any individualwho comes to visit a student and is not living in the designated dormitories isreferred to as a visitor. Such visitors must show an identity card (foreign visitorsshould show the passport or Residency Permit, and Chinese visitors should showidentity, working or student card) and register with the security personnel byfilling out the visitor registration form.  The security personnel will insurethe form is filled in correctly and then issue the visitor a Visitor Pass, which will allow the visitor to have entrance to the facilities




2. The visitor must returnthe Visitor Pass to the security personnel when the visit has ended. Thesecurity personnel will record the time on the registration form and when thevisitor left the facilities.


3. The only time thatstudents may have visitors is between 4:00 pm and 10:30 pm during the weekdayand from 9:00 am to 10:30 pm on weekends and during holidays or vacations.


4. Visitors are forbidden tobring into the dormitories any flammable materials such as petroleum products(oil and gas) or firecrackers. All visitors must comply with the regulationsrelated to the procedures for registering themselves when they visit. Therecorded information will include their name, whom they are visiting, and theduration of their stay. Any individual who fails to fails to comply with theseregulations and breaks the laws will be held accountable. The Universityreserves the right to forbid entrance to any individual who has demonstrated aninability to follow regulations. Penalties may include civil and or criminalaction in the event a visitor is deemed by the university to be a hazard to thestudent community.


5. The registration formfilled in by the visitor will be seen as a verification and record of theentrance and exit of the visitor, and is maintained by the security personnel.This registration form will be kept for some time as a record of visitors andtheir activities. All visitors must abide by the regulations established forvisitors concerning registration procedures, visiting time periods andprohibited items in the University. No one is permitted to help or give aid avisitor who is breaking the law. The visitor assumes all relevant civil andcriminal responsibilities for their behaviors which can include, but is not limitedto, polluting the environment, disturbing the public and security violations.


6. Students may not provideovernight accommodations for visitors within the dormitory.


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